Deyari Group’s first company of Deyari Company was built 35 years ago in Northern Iraq. In 1980s, when Iraq has very challenging environment and limited conditions, company was built on family owned area aiming to respect commercial, social, and moral values, and to preserve heritage and values of the country.


Company started business life with Deyari meaning “gift”. As a result of same level of ongoing principled, disciplined and patient work, Group has moved beyond being a local company and has turned out to be a company which has international vision and targets under Deyari Group.


Deyari Company focused its establishment basis and range of activities on industrial market needs. Under constantly changing socio-economic conditions in Middle East during 1980s and 1990s, The Company not only met the local demand but also helped its border neighbors.  Deyari successfully received tenders regarding supply and demand in national and international markets, purchasing goods and services for public, private and foreign companies.

Service Network Expanded Rapidly

In its establishment years in 1980s, due to geopolitical location, company had to find alternative routes to deliver goods and services on time to correct places. In this direction, to keep supply chain management and logistic services under company’s control, company expanded its international highway and national transportation service networks.


During this time, our group imported construction, iron, steel and concrete sector main and sub segment products, heavy construction engines, heavy duty vehicles and spare parts, as well as electrical home products, and food from Turkey, Iran, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon and became a recognizable brand. As one of the first importers in 1990s, company diversified its supply chain activities.


We were aware that Companies aiming excellence in manufacturing should also excel in delivery of the products and work with proper logistic companies. Accordingly, with our meticulous and full services on commercial sales, marketing, transportation, distribution and storage, we became more recognizable day by day.

With this approach, company was able to provide supply chain infrastructure based on customer needs, and had innovated project for people in Iraq and region.

Process of Being Global Brand

In addition to collaborations we perform in last 20 years, increasing demand from foreign companies since 1990 was beginning of a new era.

As one of the leading companies with robust infrastructure and regional dominance, group moved towards to meet the industrial need for petroleum and its derivatives as well as battery main and sub-segments.

Collaboration with Global Companies

In 2000, due to the mentioned activities above and to integrate functional features, company decided to develop and enrich its entire infrastructure to have competitive advantage. Company installed distribution network infrastructure according to consumer groups and started commercial sale, marketing, transportation, distribution and storage of lube oil and consistence oil. Following this development, it completed the installation of inventory and storage stores with 10.000 ton capacity in 2002.

Company provided best quality brand heavy equipment leasing to foreign private companies between 2002 and 2006. Fleets consist of low trailers, cranes in all dimensions, service trucks, long distance vehicles, buses, light duty trucks, 4x4 and other vehicles.


Our agreement with mentioned leading companies has added great value to our group’s sales and distribution network under our supply chain and logistic services management.


In addition to collaborations we perform in last 20 years, increasing demand from foreign companies since 1990 was beginning of a new era.

In last 10 years, Deyari Group has built many partnerships with the goal of being “Iraq’s global supply chain and logistic company facing outside the World

The group, always aimed to be best in production and services, has Iraq Macro Distributorship agreements with international leader energy and petroleum companies

In 2007, with its Iraq Macro Distributor Agreement and active foreign partnerships Deyari Group has signed many important collaborations agreement.

Super Fix was first produced in early 2010. It has started with the Mineral Lubricants for the Petrol Engines, then quickly added the Diesel Engines Lubricants to the list of the Brand products and by the year 2013 the amount of sales of this Brand was 2500 Ton only in Iraq.

After that it has added Synthetic Lubricants, the Industrial Lubricants and Ad-Blue.

Finally by all these additions the Brand has completed the diversity of products and fulfilled the high quality standards according to the International Quality Specifications.

Our goal regarding Superfix Lubricants Engine Oil is to create a recognizable oil brand with its advanced technology, marketing and after sales services in an international arena.


Throughout this process, Deyari Group was able to increase its capital year by year and managed to become a known brand.

Today Company mainly operates in petroleum and derivatives products and their main and sub segment products in energy sector, battery sector and international logistic services.


Deyari Group has bellowed companies are within the Group:

Deyari Company

Deyari Logistic

Deyari Factory

Zin Company

Trio Company

Aksoy Iraq Company

Aksoy Middle East Company


With its successful and sustainable cooperation Deyari Group has an international culture and still has manufacturing and service oriented trade relationships with Turkey, Iran, Syria, Jordon, Lebanon, Russia, USA and European countries. Group’s performance and profitability inside the country made them a pioneer and a leading company in the country, especially in Northern Iraq.

Group has widespread service and distribution network on a 437.072 km² area in 21 regions of Iraq. Group provides the best service with high technology and high quality brands to its industrial customers. Bellowed are the factors helping us to offer goods with self-confidence:

Headquarters in Zakho and Erbil,

District offices in Dohuk, Baghdad, Kirkuk, Mosul and Basra,

12.000 m² closed and 5.000 m² open transshipping fields,

Replenishing and stock depots with 20.000 ton capacity,

Subsidiaries in different cities directed from center,

More than 60 wholesale distributors,

After sales technical support services,

Dynamic human resource with 150 qualified and specialized staff and managers,

Technical after sales services for diesel vehicles.

Dignity, seriousness and reliability, moral understanding regarding commercial and social values and investing in human resources are the main actors of the company’s success story.

The specialists at Deyari Group do market research and put the best suppliers to pre-qualification to accelerate the procurement process.  Our procurement team is specialized in agreements and uses already identified bargain prices. Our first time customers can also benefit from bargained prices.

With all its experience and cooperation, Deyari Group is able to adapt to worldwide developments quickly and is among the leader companies of in Iraq.